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BeautyAndTheTea Acrylic Practice Book

BeautyAndTheTea Acrylic Practice Book

$49.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price

Exclusive Detailed Nail Guidelines to help you start your nail business and learn how to slay the BeautyAndTheTea way!


The book is designed to better follow along with BeautyAndTheTea’s nail tutorials and reference back when practicing.


Book will include info on:

  • Essential Products
  • Fully Detailed Acrylic Steps
  • Application Practice Sheet
  • Sanitation Steps & Links
  • Business Strategies
  • Common Questions
  • Recommended Nail Artists
  • Recommended Suppliers
  • Best Nail Tutorial links and MORE!

Best for beginners and easy to follow along and reference when practicing*

PDF purchases will be emailed 24 hours before class date

BOOK purchases will be shipped within 5 business days


All supplies must be included to provide the best results , artist may use their own supplies or may purchase a BeautyAndTheTea Kit for the BEST results

You will learn: Product Knowledge, Business Marketing, Sanitation, Proper nail prep, Shaping, Acrylic Application methods, & Nail Art

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