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EST 2019


Spark your passion with
Beauty And The Tea

Over the past five years, Beauty And The Tea has helped MANY artists all over the world find their passion in doing what they love! From beginners with no experience to advanced artist wanting to learn new techniques! We developed a curriculum that covers everything from basic nail anatomy to advanced techniques and help artists keep up with the latest trends by spilling all the TEA.  Whether you're just starting a hobby, looking for a new career or wanting to take your skills to the next level, we have a class that's right for you.

Build confidence, experience and knowledge with NO GIMMICKS, NO REGRETS, AND NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Just a passion for nails and a desire to learn!

Join us today!


Hands-on Workshops

Looking for a head start to a new career or interested in improving your skills?

Check our Beginner to Advanced Workshops available in Acrylic & GelX 

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Online Programs

Sign up for a 1:1 online workshop or join our online self pace program to learn how to master acrylic or gel x nails from the comfort of your own home !

Beauty And The Tea Workshops are beginner friendly and will provide all information and material needed for a head start to a new beginning. Workshops are also effective for licensed technicians who are looking to improve and learn new techniques. Please understand that this is a workshop taught by Beauty And The Tea as an investment towards your business or career and you will not be licensed by taking this program. However, class is intended to guide each student to achieve their desired goal(s).

Please be advised that these workshops will NOT certify you to offer services if you are NOT licensed by the state. You must follow your state laws and regulations before deciding to offer services.

POLICY: ALL material and information has been created and solely taught by Beauty And The Tea. Any information discussed during training may NOT be shared outside of business*

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