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Hey Beautea !

Welcome and thank you for your interest in booking a service with BeautyAndTheTea!

Since 2018, BeautyAndTheTea has been a Licensed Full Specialist offering a wide range of services such as Nails, Brows, Lashes, Tooth Gems and more!  Top services that include high qualitea products and therapy sessions to ensure the best beautea experience! 🤭😌💕


Check out more information below! 

Please be sure to read everything carefully before booking your appointment! 

Thank you and I look forward to serving you beauty and the TEA! 💅✨ 



​Orlando, FL 32835

Regular Hours:

Monday-Friday 8-5PM

After hours:


Extended hours:


(additional add on fee required for weekends & after hours)


• Deposit are non-refundable and required in order to reserve your appointment. This payment will be applied to your service and may not be transferred after 24 hours. 


• This is a private based studio so you will receive an email the day before your appointment with details and instructions on location.

This info may not be shared with anyone outside of business.


• Client MUST send a message with an eta when heading my way in order to confirm your appointment and receive gate access. This avoids either of us waiting if anyone is running late or arriving too early.


Appointments after 6PM and on weekends will require an additional add-on fee. NO EXCEPTIONS! This includes soak offs, nail repairs or any services that require after hour time frames.


• Appointments cancelled 24 hours before service date will require a new deposit in order to rebook.​ However, more than two cancellations will require a full payment or refused services.

•  If you are on a time limit or bringing someone with you, please advise that this is a private service and appointments can take up to 1-3 hours depending on the type of service(s). Please book accordingly to your schedule.


​•  Clients have 5 days from original appointment to report lifting, nail polish chipping, or diamond missing in order receive compensation.  


•  Broken nails caused by client such as nails broken in half, will require a repair fee and must choose the correct repair according to nail style/length. All products used are high qualitea to ensure long lasting beautiful results!

•  Refills are required every 3-4 weeks however, if you pass the 4 week mark, it will be considered a fill at a full set price. Please book your fills in advance to avoid nail damage, retention issues and reconstruction.




Refusing to respect these policies can result to refusal of services, please book accordingly or contact me with any questions of concerns!

Thank you!


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